Street Artist : aNa artist is a world wide artist. She creates a Digital and Virtual Street Art Protocol to involve people from all around the world.

Street artist : aNa

Due to my background and my visual culture, I have a special relationship with image. I try to find out how the artist’s act can transform a mix of signs, imprints, forms, into an Artwork.

My imagination transposed me into heavenly worlds … in the clouds to develop my pareidolia aptitude, and beyond too, in chimerical spaces.

My body dreams of hovering… but as I don’t have the capacities of the Wright brothers, I turned myself into parachutism… without a wing, I didn’t really look like a bird…, however, during each free fall, I had the pleasure to discover other landscapes and a different view of the Earth.

Those aerial images totally reflect my Icarian desire.

So I chose to search for my subjects through Google Earth. Thanks to this democratized access to satellite images, I was able to explore multiple geographical areas in order to find sites to exploit, in my own way. First seduced by nature, I selected images highlighting different paradoxes: the multiplicity of digital codes in the face of the unique, globalization in the face of the exception. Then I became interested in the action of Man on this surface. Farmland seamed to be extremely inspiring with its artificial rhythms, but urbanization was a much larger field of possibilities. Then Street-Art was born.

Thanks to my cities’ interpretations,

… I invite you to share my Universes from the plane of my imagination. Together let’s redraw our cities to bring them into color.